The Arts Incubator is a program that includes a variety of workshops, peer learning sessions, and networking events to help you grow local artists' and entrepreneurs' arts business.

New for 2017!

The Yoknapatawpha Arts Council and The Oxford-Lafayette County Economic Development Foundation (EDF) are pleased to announce the kick off of the BIG BAD BUSINESS SERIES. This free entrepreneur and mentoring program will give North Mississippi artists, business owners, inventors, and startup enthusiasts an opportunity to develop an idea into their own sustainable small business. Through monthly workshops and breakout sessions, participants will learn from some of the region's most successful business executives, innovate with local artists, and receive business coaching from local development experts. Whether manufacturing a prototype, developing a creative arts business, or starting a tech business, this program will connect you with the resources to turn your idea into an industry! Attend 3 free events for a pass to attend 1 paid event!

Upcoming events include:


May 8th: Cultivating Your Clientele: Best Practices featuring Julia Winston of Brave Communications at 6 pm Burns-Belfry Multicultural Center & Museum. 

June 12th: Marketing your Business in the 21st Century at 6 pm at the Chamber of Commerce. 

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Later in 2017!

June 20th: Exploring Regional Opportunities at 6 pm at The Powerhouse

July 10th: How to Build Your Brand at 6 pm at the Chamber of Commerce

August 14th: Business Logistics at 6 pm at the Chamber of Commerce

August 28th: Round Robin Mentorship at The Powerhouse

September 11th: Where to go from Here: Your Next Step in Business at 6 pm at The Chamber of Commerce

September 14th: Night of Genius at 6 pm The Powerhouse


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