Intermediate Tatting

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Date: Saturday, Jan. 27th
Time: 10 am- 12 pm 
Place: Powerhouse
Instructor Name: Roiana Buckmaster

For those who have mastered shuttle tatting rings, it is time to add chains!  In this class, students will learn to add a second thread from the ball and use two threads to make chains and rings, forming a continuous length of lace edging or more complicated medallions then rings alone. We will also explore reading patterns from a chart or written lines and hiding thread ends for a tidy finish. Materials are provided as well as a tatting shuttle for students to keep, and are included in the class fee.

Class Fee: $42 includes materials
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Class maximum: 10

Materials to bring: none

Skills required: PLEASE NOTE - students need to feel comfortable with the basic tatting stitch. There will be a class limit of 10 students which means I will not be able to show a beginner the one-on-one attention I prefer to give them. Someone who has mastered tatting in the past and just needs a brush up would probably be fine.

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